2021 Ford Mach-E Pickup Truck: Release Date and Price

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2021 Ford Mach-E Pickup Truck: Release Date and Price. Ford recently introduced its all-electric Mustang Mach-E crossover. You may like it or not. This model marks the all-new start for the Blue Oval manufacturer, and that’s a fact. Basically, all of the upcoming electric models produced by Ford will be based on this crossover. The 2021 Ford Mach-E Pickup Truck could be the next big thing.

The new era already started and the idea of the electric pickup truck isn’t new. As a matter of fact, Tesla is releasing its new Cybertruck model. Rivian will launch its R1T electric pickup. Far, Mach-E Pickup Truck is just a fantasy. This could happen sooner than you think. New rendering photos are showing us how the new model could look like. We’ll try to deliver potential performance figures and further details.

Ford Will Deliver Better Towing Capacity

Mach-E crossover will deploy the rear-wheel-drive system. New 2021 Ford Mach-E Pickup Truck will share the platform with the crossover, and it will use the same driving setup. A large motor has been placed between the rear axles. Adding a smaller motor between the front axles will provide an AWD capability.

According to Ford, Mach-E crossover will offer better acceleration than Porsche Macan. Once it arrives, the pickup truck won’t offer such impressive performance figures. Blue Oval will look to deliver impressive towing and payload capacity. The driving range should be around 300 miles.

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2021 Mach-E Pickup Truck Renderings

New rendering photos of the 2021 Ford Mach-E Pickup Truck are looking impressive. Surely, some renderings look better than others, but the idea is the most important thing. In this particular example, the photos are looking very realistic. The fact that Ford doesn’t have so much to do and invent something new is true. The new pickup could look closer to the F-150 truck or Mach-E crossover. Since we are dealing with the all-electric pickup truck, the design is closer to the Mach-E crossover. Interestingly, the new model is a mix of both.

The crossover-like front fascia is perfectly combined with the appearance of the F-150 model. It looks both sporty and aggressive. Whatsoever, this combination reminds us of Ford Ranger Raptor. Body lines are impressive and this pickup comes with character. The wheel arches are looking traditional and the body will wear a lot of expensive materials. The tires are larger and chunky, while the rear part looks very handsome.

Mach E vs. Tesla Cybertruck

It will be interesting to see the battle between the 2021 Ford Mach-E Pickup Truck and Tesla Cybertruck At its reveal, Tesla said the Cybertruck would provide 250 miles of electric range. This model will offer 500 miles of range on its range-topping trim level. Two models will be very similar, but Blue Oval will hardly deliver such an astonishing range.

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Both pickups will be similar in terms of dimensions and will offer much or less the same tires. Tesla has so much to offer and the manufacturer has been innovative in numerous categories. You can’t take the traditional appearance from Mach-E pickup. No matter what happens, Blue Oval will deliver a better-looking model. Still, if you are really into superb performances, Tesla Cybertruck will be your choice.

2021 Ford Mach-E Pickup Truck Arrival Date

Blue Oval started the chapter with the new all-electric crossover. The next logical thing is the 2021 Ford Mach-E Pickup Truck. Let’s be real, this model will arrive at some point in the future.

Leading automakers can not afford not having an all-electric vehicle, especially an electric pickup in the United States. For that reason, the new Mach-E Pickup Truck will hit the roads in a two-year time.