2021 Neuron EV: Rumors, Release Date, and Price

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2021 Neuron EV: Rumors, Release Date, and Price. The world of electric pickup trucks has just got one new name. It is a brand-new 2021 Neuron EV or T-One. Of course, its name is yet to be announced. Unlike Tesla, Rivian, GM, Bollinger or Ford, Neuron is a relatively small company. Founded in 2017, Neuron EV is based in California. Its two latest prototypes are looking more than promising.

Beside T-One pickup, the company will introduce the TORQ semi model. Both models will debut in China as this is still the largest EV market on the planet. Here’s everything we know about arriving pickup trucks, including the speculations.

Engine Rumors

The forthcoming 2021 Neuron EV is a mystery in terms of performance. The manufacturer presented this model but it didn’t say anything about figures. According to reliable sources, T-One pickup will surely offer excellent performances. Arriving pickup truck will be competitive with Rivian R1T and Tesla Cybertruck.

If that turns to be true, then the T-One model will offer a sports-car acceleration and great towing capacity. Mileage should be impressive. We are still waiting for Neuron to release more specific details about its two brand-new models.

Neuron EV T-One Looks Futuristic

This is the first thing you are going to notice. The upcoming 2021 Neuron EV comes with impressive design and a futuristic look. Once you see it, you just know it is an electric pickup truck T-One is unique and it does not look as strange as the Tesla Cybertruck. If you compare it with a traditional model such as Ford F-150, then it looks odd. We like how the truck looks, especially with such great styling.

Like any other pickup, Neuron EV will also offer different configurations, cab setups, and body styles. Like almost every new all-electric pickup, Neuron will also build its models on the famous skateboard platform. Thanks to chassis’ flexibility, T-One pickup could be transformed into a chassis-cab with a fifth wheel or even a minivan.

Unique Interior Design

The all-new 2021 Neuron EV will look especially strange inside the cabin. This pickup truck offers a driver’s seat positioned in the. That is really strange, you have to admit it. The driver’s seat has been moved forward. The pickup truck has no engine so basically, the driver is seating above the axle. Add a couple of futuristic details and you will get a strange-looking interior On the other hand, comfort is great and Neuron EV will offer a lot of high-tech amenities.

The cabin is extremely quiet and it hosts numerous screens and huge glass surfaces. There are no physical controls and all inputs are handled via the mentioned screens. Behind the front seat, Neuron offers two more seats with very ample legroom. Think of the upcoming pickup as some sort of the spaceship, at least the interior looks like one.

2021 Neuron EV Price and Release Date

We can’t say how much the 2021 Neuron EV is going to cost. Things are still unclear when it comes to pricing. On the other hand, the T-One pickup truck should arrive at some point next year.

According to various reports, the first-year model will be limited and Neuron has no plans for mass production. That could change in the future and expect that the pre-orders will start later in 2020.