2021 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck: Confirmed, Release Date, and Price

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2021 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck: Confirmed, Release Date, and Price. The upcoming 2021 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck is coming to the markets. Based on the Viziv concept, this model offers great performances and off-road capabilities. The Japanese manufacturer has big plans for its new model, once it comes back from retirement. Yes, the comeback is happening and the new Baja model will look astonishing. On the other hand, the new model will look no way near its predecessor.

As we said, the Baja Pickup Truck will borrow a lot of cues from the Viziv concept. The new Baja will be larger than the previous model. Logically, it will look more modern and very attractive. The latest reports are writing about a four-door pickup with a room for four passengers. The 2021 Baja will deliver versatility, performance and more than solid interior design.

Engine Rumors

The approaching 2021 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck will arrive with at least two engine options. The first option is a 2.4-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine. This engine will produce slightly below 300 horsepower. Torque figures are not available. Expect great fuel efficiency from the base powertrain choice. The second option should be diesel.

Again, Subaru is silent on this topic. Still, we believe the diesel will provide fewer horses and amazing torque rating. A CVT transmission will be offered but fans are hoping for manual transmission. A Japanese company will deliver both, according to the latest reports. A hybrid variant is a rumor and this model is very unlikely to happen in the next two or three years.

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2021 Baja Pickup Truck Exterior

When it comes to exterior design, the new 2021 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck will look brand-new. That means the forthcoming model will share nothing with its predecessor. Well, maybe a couple of really minor things. The rest of the vehicle should use the Viziv concept as an inspiration. Thanks to that, you can expect an astonishing design that looks both modern and attractive.

The total redesign includes all-new exterior features, such as grille, headlights, taillights, and wheels. The most significant change over the previous model is the unibody platform. Subaru will deliver a very aggressive appearance and some styling cues are taken from other company’s models.

Interior Updates

Basically, every Subaru’s upcoming model will be based on the Viziv concept The 2021 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck is no different. That also includes the interior design that should look modern and feel comfortable. On the other hand, Japanese manufacturer plans to deliver a couple of novelties from the Outback SUV. Of course, the pickup truck won’t look as modern as the SUV and it will offer less technology.

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There will be room for four passengers and real luxury is available on the upper trim levels. Let’s say the range-topping trim looks truly amazing and it provides leather upholstery, larger displays, and best-possible safety rating. Baja model will provide a lot of room thanks to its large dimensions. Subaru plans to deliver a new interior layout with a new center console so expect a very practical interior.

2021 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck Price and Release Date

The price of the next-gen 2021 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck will start somewhere between $30,000 and $35,000. The goal is to deliver a strong competitor for the Honda Ridgeline pickup so the price is in the same range for a reason. Subaru plans to release its old-new model later in 2020.