2022 GMC Jimmy Specs, Price, Interior, Release Date

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2022 GMC Jimmy Specs, Price, Interior, Release Date. GMC Jimmy is the old nameplate, based on the Chevy Blazer. Now, when Chevrolet brought back its vehicle, it is time for the comeback of its close sibling. Like in many other segments, these will be GM’s twins. It is exciting to hear rumors about the 2022 GMC Jimmy, confirmed by some trusted sources (TFL Car, Car and Driver). Still, the SUV will face fierce competition. Jimmy is taking on the Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco. It would be hard to find a more complicating segment to start with.

Being a competition to these two vehicles could show us a way of development. The 2022 GMC Jimmy will settle somewhere near the price. Similar options could be available, including a two-door layout for the SUV. Standard configuration includes a V6, that is for sure. Still, Jeep is developing the PHEV system and General Motors is not on this track. We can also guess some other features by looking at the latest design language of GM’s new arrivals. Let’s see what do we know so far about the upcoming 2022 Jimmy

What Will 2022 GMC Jimmy Look Like?

The SUV is not bringing anything radical. It will be a boxy, off-road SUV with some classic GMC’s visual effects. We still don’t know if there will be a luxurious Denali model. More important is to learn what will 2022 GMC Jimmy look like. We can find some clues on the refreshed Acadia SUV. Next season, Yukon will also present the new styling. Jimmy will continue the same way. A strong appearance and plenty of options will make it special. Fans can be sure there will be many upgrades for an off-road drive. Skid plates, unique bumpers, and wheels are going to make the SUV look meaner, but these parts also improve the durability.

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2022 GMC Jimmy Engines, Specs, Diesel

One thing is sure, the 2022 GMC Jimmy will take a 3.6-liter engine as the base choice. Wrangler is also using a similar displacement. Compared to its rival, Jimmy could get up to 310 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque from its manufacturer, while Jeep tunes the Pentastar unit to 285 hp and 260 pound-feet. Well, not everything is in outputs. The new Jimmy needs more tuning to enhance the off-road driving impression. Special shocks and suspension system is the starting point. Now, GM is using the IRS, which will be of great help.

Another engine is in the mix for the upcoming SUV. That is a Duramax diesel. There is a couple of solutions here. The off-road SUV could borrow the drivetrain from Chevy Colorado. A 2.8 displacement can produce 190 hp and 350 lb-ft. GM can push it even further with a new 3.0 turbodiesel. Still, 480 pound-feet is too much for this kind of a vehicle. Fans will more likely see a 1.6-liter with 140 hp and 250 lb-ft, but only if the Jimmy gets a lighter version, such as a two-door Wrangler, or Baby Bronco.

2022 GMC Jimmy Concept – Where it Came From?

We still can not find images of the new 2022 GMC Jimmy. GM will finalize this idea sooner or later. Since we expect the debut in two years, it is early to talk about the final product. The concept will show up during 2021. We know the carmaker will go after Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco. The second SUV is not out. On the other hand, the GMC offers a few vehicles with the AT4 package. A true off-road model is missing. This is the destination for Jimmy.

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As said, there are two major rivals by other US carmakers. Jeep Wrangler is the most popular off-road SUV for a while. Owners of this vehicle have their special summits and events. On the other hand, no other vehicle caused so much attention as Ford Bronco. During the live chase on TV back in the 90’s when the SUV was discontinued. Now, when Ford announced its comeback, an army of fans, older and younger, woke up. Plus, we must add a Toyota 4Runner. This SUV finds more than 120,000 new homes every year. The 2022 GMC Jimmy will have to bring something stunning to cause the attention of buyers in this segment.

2022 GMC Jimmy Release Date and Price

To be competitive, General Motors will probably offer some discount for the new arrival, compared to its rivals. The 2022 GMC Jimmy might cost about $30,000 with a V6 engine. A lighter, four-cylinder unit will make it cheaper, but also less capable for adventures.

The first rumors indicate the 2022 Jimmy won’t be out for a couple of years from now. The carmaker will launch it in the summer of 2022. We assume the debut will happen in Detroit. This year’s show has been canceled and the first time we see it in the new format will be in 2021