2022 Honda Passport Redesign, Price, & Release Date

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2022 Honda Passport Redesign, Price, & Release Date. The 2022 Honda Passport might get the first small update. The mid-size SUV is a little brother to Pilot and it entered the market place last year. Honda didn’t make big announcements, but the carmaker just delivered the final product at the LA Auto Show nearly two years ago. After three seasons, the vehicle will have to offer something new. Passport is an old nameplate, which had the first run between 1993 and 2002. Nearly 20 years after the discontinuation, the SUV went back silently but caused a lot of interest.

The upcoming design is bringing the first update after three years since the return. The styling will be refreshed. We hope the company won’t copy everything from the redesigned Pilot, which is also willing to debut in 2022. This is a smaller version of the flagship SUV and only big fans will recognize them at the first sight. The difference is biggest at the back, where the hatch is new. If the styling will make a gap between two brothers, the drivetrain remains the same. Honda is using its best and the largest unit for the mid-size class. A 3.5-liter V6 is just one of the most reliable mills you will find in the US market.


One thing is sure– the Pilot SUV will get a hybrid drivetrain before the 2022 Honda Passport. It is still unknown if a 3.0-liter V6 is going to be a base for this setup, like on the Acura MDX (Honda’s luxury subsidiary). On the other hand, various sources are reporting that the Japanese company is developing the PHEV system for the three-row Pilot. It will definitely end up under the hood of another mid-size SUV.

The 2022 Honda Passport Hybrid might get the same powertrain like the premium Acura MDX. A 3.0-liter V6 can deliver 320 hp and it is more than enough. The fuel economy also gets a boost. Combined, the Passport can reach 30 mpg on the highway. The same transmission will connect power to wheels and AWD is going to be standard. Another option is 3.5-liter petrol. After upgrades, this V6 could get the outputs up to 350 ponies.

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The six-cylinder engine is the main source of power for all big rigs in the family. Well, Honda is not delivering a full-size truck or SUV. The mid-size segment is perfect for such an engine. A 3.5-l displacement can produce 280 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque. The fuel economy is not great, but we can not expect too much from a large and heavy style. On the other hand, the redesign will include lighter materials in the body, which will reduce overall weight, and it improves a gas mileage as the final result. After the update, the 2022 Honda Passport might reach 23-24 mpg combined. A nine-speed auto gearbox is a power router that sends power to the rear wheel. All-wheel drive is optional.

2022 Honda Passport Facelift

When the SUV returned in 2018, we thought it is a premiere of the new Pilot. There are no too many differences between the two versions. After both of them suffer a revisit in 2022, even the laymen will recognize which vehicle is on the road. It is easier to do that when you throw a glance inside the cockpit. The 2022 Honda Passport will still be a mid-size ride with two rows of seats. If you need more spots, Pilot adds another bench. A new layout will refresh the cabin. We can hear that the infotainment system is also going through a revisit. More smart features will be available through all the packages. The 2022 Passport will keep an existing lineup, with Sport as the entry-level SUV, EX-L, and Touring and mid-range offer, and Elite as the top of the lineup trim.

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Outside, the new concept language will introduce fresh styling. There are no details yet but expect a whole new front fascia. The updated paint palette will have extra options. Present, it is fun picking up colors for the mid-size SUV.

2022 Honda Passport Release Date

The new 2022 Honda Passport will be out pretty soon. The design for 2021 is already out. Designers have enough time for an update and the development has started. The base price will stay under $32,000. Interesting, the first Passport was more expensive than the three-row Pilot. Well, now things remain in the place. Elite version will hit $45,000 and the hybrid might start around $38k.


Three-row seven and eight-seaters are way more popular than mid-size SUVs with two rows. That is the reason that some companies are not producing such units (for example– Toyota). Nissan Murano and Ford Edge are the best-sellers. We won’t count Jeep Grand Cherokee, although it is coming only as a five-seater. Next season, the FCA will deliver this style with an extra row.