The New 2025 VW Amarok Pickup Truck Redesign and Powertrain

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The New 2025 VW Amarok Pickup Truck Redesign and Powertrain – Are you a devoted follower of the Volkswagen Amarok? In the event that you answered yes, there is a piece of information that you must be aware of: the lineup has got a new member. That is the case. Volkswagen has debuted the Amarok for the year 2025. Interested in learning more about the new Volkswagen Amarok? Just keep reading.

The New 2025 VW Amarok Pickup Truck Redesign and Powertrain

Powertrain and Driving

The engine offered in the Volkswagen Amarok 2025 is a potent one. Engine capacity is 3.0 liters, and it is a turbo diesel V6. It is capable of producing 254 horsepower and comes with 427 pound-feet of torque. To add insult to injury, the number that is obtained by converting the amount of torque to NM is ‘580.’ An Amarok Highline with a torque rating of 580 for a 580. It seems to be a perfect fit, doesn’t it?

Do you need a quick injection of energy? Volkswagen has your back. The engine of Amarok is equipped with a ‘Overboost’ capability. This feature gives the pickup the ability to temporarily disable some of the constraints that it already has. What is the end result? The power output has been increased from the initial 254 horsepower to the current 268 horsepower.

Despite the fact that the Amarok Highline does not come equipped with the typical off-road running gear, it excels in terms of physical force to compensate for its deficiencies. It is possible for you to accelerate to any degree you desire because of the powerful engine. Even more impressive is the fact that this pickup can be driven easily both on and off the road. And that’s not even taking into account the fact that it is incredibly quiet and responsive.

Both the steering and the suspension have been addressed and improved. It is true that they are so well-organized that you won’t even notice that you are riding on a pickup truck that has a ladder chassis underneath it. In general, the 2025 Amarok is a pickup truck that is both refined on the appearance and the inside. You will experience a high level of comfort whenever you ride on it, regardless of the terrain. Wet or dry, rough or smooth, the level of comfort won’t change all that much regardless of the texture. Most likely, you won’t feel it at all.

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The New 2025 VW Amarok Pickup Truck Redesign and Powertrain

The design of the Volkswagen Amarok for 2025

To begin, let’s talk about the layout. From a design standpoint, how does it appear to you? Is it pleasing to the eye? Yes, that is the solution, to put it succinctly. The appearance of the Amarok is consistently pleasing. Not a single doubt exists regarding that. It goes without saying that this also encompasses the 2025 version. In addition to this, the lineup has also received a great deal of upgrades and refreshes, which has enabled it to keep pace with the passage of time. This will be visible in the Amarok Highline in the year 2025.

It is not Volkswagen’s intention for the 2025 Amarok Highline to have a style that is truly rough. Contrary to the HiLux and Ranger, it does not appear to be as tough. As a form of “compensation,” Volkswagen has made the design of the 2025 Amarok as sophisticated and fashionable as possible. It has a great deal of edges and curves, lines that are clearly defined, and a number of angles that are squared off. The new Amarok inherits all of the characteristics that have come to distinguish the Amarok family, while at the same time incorporating elements that are both fashionable and contemporary.

The New 2025 VW Amarok Pickup Truck Redesign and Powertrain

A Look Inside

The following inquiry is, what about the interior? It is a taxi known as the Amarok Highline. When you are sitting in the cab, you might have the impression that you are inside of an SUV. The inside is designed to accommodate passengers, and it is comfortable and large. Cloth seats, a steering wheel wrapped in leather, and a variety of other features are included in the kit. Volkswagen’s characteristic switchgear, which we all know and love, is also included.

More conveniences are included in the 580 and Ultimate editions of the product. The Ultimate version features a color multifunction screen, paddle shifters, and adjustable heated leather seats. The 580 version features black headlining, which gives the cabin a gloomy atmosphere. The Ultimate version also includes paddle shifters.

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Alterations Made to the Interior of the Volkswagen Amarok in 2025

The inside is fairly functional for a pickup truck, which is a good thing to know about its practicality. An remarkable amount of space is provided for each and every passenger, including outstanding headroom, decent legroom, a large trench in the front, and a broad storage bin. Each seat has its unique contour, which is an impressive attribute.

The New 2025 VW Amarok Pickup Truck Redesign and Powertrain


If you were to ask us what the 2025 Amarok is missing, we would say that it is the safety equipment that it does not have. The ANCAP ratings are not available for the V6 variants. The absence of active safety features, particularly back airbags, is a problem. Given that the new Amarok is supposed to be a model for the year 2025, this is a very unfortunate development. Whereas the HiLux, Ranger, and Triton all come equipped with safety systems such as automated emergency braking, the Amarok does not have these features. Volkswagen has stated that the next generation of pickup trucks would feature an increased amount of safety features.

the 2025 Volkswagen Amarok Price

Lastly, but certainly not least, the cost. How much does the Volkswagen Amarok 2025 cost? At the moment, the Highline trim level may be purchased for approximately $64,990 as its foundational price. The 2025 Amarok Highline is quite expensive when compared to other vehicles in its model lineup. Taking into account how attractive it is, how capable it is, and how comfy it is, we believe that it is definitely worth the price.